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Who we are

Audio Artery was established in 2010 as the software arm of Voimaradio Ltd that was best known for EKS DJ hardware brand. The mission was to research and create new type of innovative software solutions for the DJ market. The main project was One DJ, a DJ/Studio software with fully modular and customizable UI.

A very talented software engineer team was assembled to handle the task. After rigorous development the first 1.0 version of One DJ was released for PC in June 2013 with OS X version following soon after. That was only the beginning and One DJ has since been updated regularly.

In August 2014 the software development business of Voimaradio was purchased by the core team behind One DJ and Audio Artery Ltd was established. At Audio Artery we will continue listening to our customers while at the same adding our own innovative ideas in the mix.

In addition to One DJ we make drivers & other audio related software to some of the biggest brands in the DJ hardware market. The strength of our team is in dedication, vision and of course skills that make everything possible.


One DJ Software

One DJ is an All-in-One Solution for DJing and Creating Music:

Customizable Low Latency Asio Driver

Reliable and sturdy low latency Asio Driver with virtual audio interface feature. Used by many of the biggest brands in DJ market.

Midi Driver for DJ Hardware

Fully customizable HID-MIDI router with MIDI controller manager.

Custom Audio & DJ Software or Hardware related projects

We offer our expertise & help for custom software or hardware projects.


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